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July 05 2015

June 07 2015

June 03 2015

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We Are Nice People - Tana Latorre

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Devil’s Tramping Ground a wooded section of Chatham County, North Carolina. A forty foot in diameter circle can be found there. Any objects that appear in the circle will mysteriously disappear or get moved from within the circle. No wildlife, vegetation, or inanimate objects can be found in the circle known as the Devil’s Tramping Ground. This phenomenon was first discovered in the early 1800s and is believed that Satan paces around this circle and ponders about ways to undo mankind..

boy scout troups have tried camping on it, and woken up in their tents a few miles away. Some guys tried to stay up all night in a tent on the spot, and later reported that a soft, soothing melodic voice lulled them to sleep and they too woke up a few miles away

#why is that so cute tho#like most of the time u hear about this shit and its like ‘they got their eyes clawed out or disappeared or died’#but this is like#’casually picks up your stuff and moves it somewhere else or gently sings you to sleep’#like dang thats the most polite demonic circle ive ever heard of what a sweetheart

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Il consiglio alla vendetta (detail), Francesco Paolo Hayez 1851

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Girl buried with a crown of ceramic flowers. Patras, 300-400 B.C. From the Museum of Patras.

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Lawrence Alma-Tadema, The Roses of Helioglabalus detail, 1888

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marɨa windschüttel

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May 31 2015

May 24 2015

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