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May 17 2015

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April 29 2015

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April 26 2015

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April 03 2015

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Beksiński, fotografia (lata 50-te)
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A storage room with salvaged effigies and sculptures awaiting restoration after a flood in Florence, Italy, in 1966 (photo by Balthazar Korab, 1926-2013)
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Frenzy of Exultations (Szał uniesień) is a 1894 painting by Polish artist Władysław Podkowiński, said to depict female orgasm. It was exhibited in Zachęta in an atmosphere of scandal. In 1894 it was featured in a Warsaw art exhibition; the exhibition lasted only 36 days because Podkowinski brought a knife on the 37th day and destroyed his work. The painting was restored after his death.
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